Tacroz Forte (PROTOPIC) 0.1% w/v

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Each 10 gram Tube Tacroz Forte .1% Tacrolimus. Used for moderate to severe atopic eczema unresponsive to conventional therapy.

ATC Classification: D11AH01
Active Ingrediant: Tacrolimus
Generic Name: Tacroz Forte
Manufacturer: GLENMARK
Strength: 0.1% w/v
Dosage Type: Ointment
Packaging Type: Box
Contains: 10 gm

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What is this drug used for?

– It is used to treat eczema.

– It may be given to you for other reasons. Talk with the doctor.

Frequently reported side effects of this drug

– Flu-like symptoms

– Itching

– Burning

– Stinging

– Skin tingling

– Temperature sensitivity

– Headache

– Cough

– Stuffy nose

– Acne

– Hair bumps

– Nausea

Other side effects of this drug: Talk with your doctor right away if you have any of these signs of:

– Kidney problems like unable to pass urine, blood in the urine, change in amount of urine passed, or weight gain.

– Ear pain

– Severe skin irritation

– Skin infection

– Skin growths

– Swollen glands

– Muscle pain

– Signs of a significant reaction like wheezing; chest tightness; fever; itching; bad cough; blue skin color; seizures; or swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Note:?This is not a comprehensive list of all side effects. Talk to your doctor if you have questions.



(ta KROE li mus)


Medication Safety Issues

Sound-alike/look-alike issues:

Tacrolimus may be confused with everolimus, pimecrolimus, sirolimus, tamsulosin, temsirolimus

High alert medication:

This medication is in a class the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) includes among its list of drug classes that have a heightened risk of causing significant patient harm when used in error.


Generic Availability: US



Storage and Stability

Store at room temperature of 25?C (77?F); excursions permitted to 15?C to 30?C (59?F to 86?F).


Adverse Reactions

As reported in children and adults, unless otherwise noted.

Cardiovascular: Peripheral edema (adults), hypertension (adults)

Central nervous system: Depression (adults), headache (adults), hyperesthesia (adults), insomnia (adults), pain, paresthesia (adults), tingling of skin

Dermatologic: Acne vulgaris (adults), alopecia (adults), burning sensation of skin, contact eczema herpeticum (children), contact dermatitis, dermatological disease (children), erythema, folliculitis, fungal dermatitis (adults), pruritus, pustular rash (adults), skin infection (adults), skin rash (adults), sunburn (adults), urticaria (adults), vesiculobullous dermatitis (children), xeroderma (children)

Gastrointestinal: Abdominal pain (children), diarrhea, dyspepsia (adults), gastroenteritis (adults), nausea (children), vomiting (adults)

Genitourinary: Dysmenorrhea (adults), urinary tract infection (adults)

Hematologic & oncologic: Lymphadenopathy (children), malignant lymphoma, malignant neoplasm of skin

Hypersensitivity: Hypersensitivity reaction (adults)

Infection: Herpes zoster, infection, varicella zoster infection

Neuromuscular & skeletal: Arthralgia (adults), back pain (adults), myalgia (adults), weakness (adults)

Ocular: Conjunctivitis (adults)

Otic: Otalgia (children), otitis media (children)

Respiratory: Asthma (adults), bronchitis (adults), flu-like symptoms, increased cough (children), pharyngitis (adults), pneumonia (adults), rhinitis (children), sinusitis (adults)

Miscellaneous: Accidental injury, alcohol intolerance (adults), allergic reaction, cyst (adults), fever (children)

Rare but important or life-threatening: Abnormality in thinking, abscess, acne rosacea, acute renal failure, aggravated tooth caries, anaphylactoid reaction, anemia, anorexia, anxiety, application site edema, arthropathy, basal cell carcinoma, benign neoplasm (breast), blepharitis, bursitis, cataract, chest pain, chills, colitis, conjunctival edema, cutaneous candidiasis, cystitis, dehydration, dermal ulcer, diaphoresis, dry nose, dysgeusia, dyspnea, ecchymoses, edema, epistaxis, furunculosis, gastritis, heart valve disease, hernia, hyperbilirubinemia, hypercholesterolemia, hypertonia, hypothyroidism, impetigo (bullous), laryngitis, leukoderma, malaise, malignant lymphoma, malignant melanoma, migraine, muscle cramps, nail disease, neck pain, neoplasm (benign), oral candidiasis, osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis, otitis externa, pulmonary disease, rectal disease, renal insufficiency, seborrhea, seizure, septicemia, skin discoloration, skin photosensitivity, squamous cell carcinoma, stomatitis, syncope, tachycardia, tendon disease, unintended pregnancy, vaginitis, vasodilation, vertigo, visual disturbance, vulvovaginal candidiasis, xerophthalmia, xerostomia

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