Prexaran Plus (Ceraxon)500/400 Mg – 100 tablet

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Each Prexaran Plus contains 500 mg Citicoline and 400 mg Piracetam 100 tablet. Used for the treatment of acute stroke in adults.

Active Ingrediant: Citicoline Piracetam
Generic Name: Prexaran Plus
Manufacturer: Intas Pharma
Strength: 500/400 Mg
Dosage Type: Tablet
Packaging: Type Foil in Box
Contains: 100 Tabs


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What Prexaran Plus is used for?

  • It is use to enhance memory function
  • It is use to treat cortical myoclonus (involuntary muscle twitching)


Possible side effects

Prexaran Plus may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

  • Allergic reaction which include skin rashes, hives, swelling of the face or limbs, trouble breathing, and trouble swallowing
  • Weight gain
  • Sleep problems
  • Feeling anxious
  • Dizzy sensation
  • Low blood pressure


Storage and Stability

Store at room temperature (15-25?C)

Additional information

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