Bodybuilding is the use of exercise to develop your muscles for aesthetic purposes.
Bodybuilders go through exercise programs or routines or regiments to develop their muscles for general health and fitness.  It can include the gaining of muscle mass and developing pronounced muscles.  To develop your muscles it takes months if not years of dedicated performance and sacrifice.

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Bodybuilding not only builds your muscles and makes you look better but it gives you strength.  However for most males they start their bodybuilding interests to gain the attraction of females.  But bodybuilding goes beyond just the sexual attraction, it hardens your bones and tendons, stimulates your body’s production of endorphins which reduces pain and makes you feel happier in your life as well as reduces your stress and depression.  Increases of hormone production naturally progressions in testosterone as well as growth hormone which makes you stronger and more confident in your life.
Bodybuilding for all it’s benefits has some draw backs such as risk of injury from lifting improperly or too heavy.  Some people also want to speed up the process by taking fat burning pills to lose weight faster and damage their health.  Some bodybuilders will go to further steps and use anabolic steroids to supplement and aid their bodybuilding efforts.
For the ones that use anabolic steroids they should study and use them with the necessary precautions and safety as possible.

Steps to a proper bodybuilding routine:
1.  The most important step is proper sleep.  Your body needs time to rest and recover and repair.  It is during the sleep time that the muscles are building.
2. Stop smoking and alcohol consumption’s.  Alcohol is harmful to the body especially to those trying to build your body do not use alcohol to destroy your body.
3. Develop and learn how to life properly, do not life too heavy or with the wrong form this can damage your health and safety.
4. Stay Hydrated your body needs plenty of water during and after exercise.
5. Eat a balanced diet with the proper percentages of protein, carbs and fats to provide the base nutrients to build your muscles.
6. Stay the course and do not give up.  Plan your workouts, your nutrition and stick to the plan.  Some days will be good days some might be bad but stick to your plan it will pay off in the end.
7. Take cheat days or cheat meals, no matter what you do take some time off and enjoy your hard work and efforts.