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Erectile Disfunction AIPCTSHOP

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Disfunction AIPCTSHOP

In todays world there is ever increasing cases of erectile dysfunction then years before.  While erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical or psychological disorders, we see an increase in both causes every year.  The basic truth about an erection is that it starts with physical or mental stimulation or the combination of both. 

Due to the increasing role of psychological issues in todays day and age, such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, low self esteem, and many more this just increases the number of erectile dysfunction cases world wide.  Even a small physical issue can cause increased emotional issues resulting in the inability to obtain an erection.

Physical conditions such as diabetes, low testosterone, prostate / bladder disease, obesity, alcohol abuse, heart disease to name a few can stand in the way form obtaining or maintaining an erection.  Further medications used to treat some of these diseases often prevent the ability to obtain a proper erection. 

What exactly is Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile Dysfunction or ED for short is the difficulty in obtaining an erection, inability to maintain an erection, lack of sexual desires, any combination of the above.  This is not including Premature Ejaculation with we do not classify as an erectile dysfunction.   Erectile Dysfunction can be a one time occurrence or a daily occurrence, there are not set rules to the occurrence of ED.   And do not believe the myth that ED occurs only in elderly males, in todays day an age filled of stress and pressure many young men suffer from Erectile dysfunction. 

Any cases of Erectile Dysfunction can lead to anxiety and stress, lowering of self esteem, relationship issues, to name a few which can only make the problems worse and deeper.   

The first cure of your Erectile Dysfunction issues would be to overcome your fear of talking about your ED issues.  Without discussing it you will never be able to overcome your issues.  The prevention of erectile dysfunction issues are simple:

Timely medical check ups and health screenings

Stopping smoking and excessive alcohol sue

Reduce your stress levels

Controlling any issues resulting from depression or anxiety

Proper treatment of medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure

Many people do fear discussion about their ED medication such as Viagra or Cialis and many men do not enjoy going to the pharmacist to obtain their prescriptions.  Well you can visit and order your ED medications to your door.  Saving you costs, time and embarrassment. 

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Vising your Medical Practitioner for Treatment

Your Medical Practitioner will normally start your examination by reviewing your medical history, discussing any diseases you might have that could lead to erectile dysfunction as well as discussions about your sexual desires, erection strength and occurrences, ejaculation strength and quantity as well as your orgasms.  

Generally after the review a physical examination starts that includes not only blood tests, weight, height, lifestyle choices etc… but should include physical examination of your genitals as well as your rectum.  The blood testing will be used for checking your blood count, lipid profile, hormonal disorders and more. 

After this generally a psychological testing is performed which could be a simple questionnaire or actual appointments with a psychologist to review your mental and emotional issues surrounding your sexual experiences. 

Treatment follows this and normally will be inclusive of lifestyle changes such as losing weight, getting proper sleep, lowering stress and more.  It can include psychological improvements as well.  After this generally Drug Therapy is advised.  There are many drugs that can help facilitate an erection some of them are:

Sildenafil or the active ingredient in Viagra or Kamagra

Tadalafil or the active ingredient in Cialis


All of these and more are available on safely and timely delivered to your door. 

If the Drug Therapy does not assist your erectile dysfunction your medical practitioner might suggest injection medication, vacuum pumps and rings to keep the blood in the erection, surgical pump implants, or more.   However in most cases some simple lifestyle changes as well as the Drug therapy solves majority of the erectile dysfunction cases.

With the availability of drug therapy there is no reason that one should not enjoy a healthy active sexual lifestyle.  Feel free to review all erectile dysfunction medications on our site before you buy at

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